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OMG I love it!!!! So my charger doesn’t have to be on the floor!

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sharpie mugs

I wanted to try the classic sharpie mug project on a travel mug, so I bought two of these “I Am Not a Paper Cup” mugs from Amazon for about $12 each. For each mug, I drew my designs with plain old colored or black Sharpies. You don’t necessarily need those oil-based Sharpies or porcelain pens that some tutorials call for.

After painstakingly drawing my design on each, I baked them in my oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. Some tips I learned from experience and from reading other tutorials:

  • Put them in while the oven is preheating, because they need to gradually heat up, otherwise they might crack.
  • They also need to gradually cool off, so don’t take them out immediately after the 15 minutes.
  • The colored Sharpies faded a bit due to too much baking, which is why I limited the time to 15 minutes.

Then I painted several coats of Mod Podge (hence the glare in the pictures). I just wanted them to be 100% water and fade resistant, because I spent so much time on them.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on these mugs, and people are shocked when I tell them I drew the designs by hand. It’s a very fun (albeit time-consuming) project, if you ever want to spend an afternoon crafting or want to make a special present for someone.

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Good tips!

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Today marks the 13th anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. RIP baby girl, we miss you. 

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 Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse, Edie Campbell, Imaan Hammam, Fei Fei Sun, Vanessa Axente, and Andreea Diaconu for Vogue US, September 2014

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Here is one of the earliest known reliefs to commemorate the legitimate marriages of former Roman slaves. 

The Funerary Stele of Aurelius Hermia and his wife Aurelia Philematium is from the tomb on Via Nomentana, and dates to ca. 80 BCE.

The British Museum provides the following prose translation of the funerary stele:

"Aurelius Hermia, freedman of Lucius, butcher by trade from the Viminal Hill. My partner who departed this life before me was pure of body and loving of spirit. She was the only one for me, and lived her life faithful to her faithful husband, with equal devotion. She never failed in her duties through self-interest or greed. Aurelia, freedwoman of Lucius.

Aurelia Philematio, freedwoman of Lucius. In life, I was given the name Aurelia Philematium (little Kiss) and led a chaste, modest and sheltered life, faithful to my husband. Aurelius, my husband, whom I now sadly miss, was a fellow freedman. He was, in fact, much more to me than even a parent. He took me into his care at the age of seven. Now at the age of forty, I fall into the hands of death. He flourished in the eyes of others due to my constant and close support.”

Courtesy of & currently located at The British Museum, London, 1867,0508.55. Photo taken by Sebastià Giralt.

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We interrupt today’s programming..

[ang rant]

I feel like Cha is losing weight at an alarming rate.. I’ve been noticing it over the past couple of months and now it’s really obvious, especially when my mom pointed it out when she saw him today. He is back at his weight when he came back from Antigua 4 years ago and it is making me sad. I know he is under a lot of stress from his job and he doesn’t eat lunch or breakfast most of the time. Once in a while I think he barely eats dinner. Sometimes I think he is becoming “manorexic.” I tell him half jokingly that he needs to eat more hamburgers but in my heart I’m being serious and I really think he needs to actually eat 3 square meals. Sometimes he barely has an appetite when we go out, when before he would always be up for eating (and finish my food for me). Nowadays I feel I am getting heavier and he is shrinking. At this point I feel like I have to stop eating just so I can match with him and go back to my high school weight of 99 lbs. However I know that is not healthy at my age and also I get really nauseous and lightheaded when I’m hungry. It makes me sad and I don’t know what to do. 😓 I wish he would realize that he needs to take care of himself but I feel like if I keep saying something he will get defensive.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming (and pictures of tumblr gifs and images of fashion, cityscapes, etc.)



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Damien Hirst, The Tears of Jesus, 2003-2005

editor’s note: A lot of you may not know this, but I have another blog called LOOSETIGER. For the record—Austin Radcliffe’s other blog, loose tiger. It’s pretty good too.

I recognize some of these.. LOL



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